Command Line Interface (CLI)

CORELS is implemented in C++. Its source can be found at our public repo, along with further documentation for compiling and using it from the command line:

To get started, first download the repo:

git clone

CORELS depends on gmp, mpfr, and libmpc. These must be installed on your system to compile CORELS. For instance, you can install them via homebrew:

brew install libmpc

The above code will install all three of the required libraries.

To compile, run make corels from the src/ directory


We provide a python binding for CORELS. To install it on Linux, simply run:

pip install corels

The code for the python binding can be found at:

In order to use the Python binding, you must have gmp, mpfr, and libmpc installed as described above in the CLI section.

Documentation for the python binding is hosted here.


We also provide an R binding, found here: Instructions for downloading it and documentation are found at that link.