Command Line Interface (CLI)

To see CORELS in action, run the following from the src/ directory of the corels repo after compiling corels:

./corels -r 0.015 -c 2 -p 1 ../data/compas_train.out ../data/compas_train.label ../data/compas_train.minor

Further information on the parameters of the CLI can be found here


import pycorels"../data/compas_train.out", "../data/compas_train.label", "../data/compas_train.minor", c=0.015, curiosity_policy=2, map_type=1)

You can also load the data into numpy arrays first, if you want to programmatically manipulate them first:

import pycorels

out = pycorels.tolist("../data/compas_train.out")
label = pycorels.tolist("../data/compas_train.label")
minor = pycorels.tolist("../data/compas_train.minor")
       , label, minor, c=0.015, curiosity_policy=2, map_type=1)

Further information on the parameters of the python interface can be found here